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songs from shakespeare?s plays and popular songs of shakespeare?s time

Melody Line, Lyrics & Chords (MLC)

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Shakespear's England comes alive once again in this delightful and much needed collection of songs from Shakespear's plays and times. Here are the words and music for 70 songs?songs from Hamlet, King Lear, Twelfth Night, The Winter's Tale, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, and several other plays, plus other popular songs of the time. Each song is chorded for guitar in the musical style of the Elizabethan era. Songs from Shakespeare's Plays consist of songs whose texts were written by William Shakespeare; popular songs and ballads quoted or referred to by characters in the plays; songs of contemporary poets and musicians; and popular songs, folk songs, ballads, rounds and street cries known to have been current at the time and included to add to the overall setting in which Shakespeare wrote and performed. This is a practical, useful, and informal book, making no pretense to prove anything except, as editor Tim Kines says, that "the songmakers of Shakespeare's time were a skillful lot and the combination of the golden flow of poesy with the silver flood of melody and harmony will perhaps never again be equalled."


Ah! The Sights That Come Fro' the heart [Cornyshe, William]
All in a Garden (Gathering Peascods)
And Let The Canakin Clink! (Othello)
And Will He Not Come Again? (Hamlet)
Calino Custurame (Henry V)
Chairs To Mend [Dr. Hayes]
Cold's The WInd and Wet's The Rain (The Cobbler's Jig)
Come Live With Me And Be My Love (Merry Wives Of Windsor)
Cryes Of London [Deering, Richard]
Farewell Dear Love (Twelfth Night)
Fine Knacks For Ladies [Dowland, John]
Fortune My Foe (Merry Wives Of Windsor)
From The Fair Lavinian Shore [Wilson, John]
Go From My Window
Greensleeves (Merry Wives Of Windsor)
Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow [Johnson, Robert]
Heigh Ho For A Husband (Much Ado About Nothing)
Hey Ho! Nobody At Home (Pammelia)
Hey Robin, Jolly Robin (Twelfth Night)
High Barbary
How Should I Your True Love Know? (Hamlet)
I Loathe That I did Love (Hamlet)
It Was A Lover And His Lass (As You Like It)
Jog On, Jog On The Footpath Way (The Winter's Tale)
King Lear and His Three Daughters (Flying Flame)
King Stephen Was A Worthy Peer (Othello)
Lawn As White As The Driven Snow (The Winter's Tale)
Loath To Depart (Pammelia)
Martin Said To His Man (Deutermolia)
Never Weather-beaten Sail [Campion, Thomas]
New Oysters [Thomas Ravenscourt]
now Robin Lend To Me Thy Bow (Pammelia)
O Mistress Mine (Twelfth Night)
Of All The Birds (Deutermolia)
Pastime with good company [Henry VIII]
Peg o' Ramsey (Twelfth Night)
Quoth John To Joan (Wolsey's Wild)
Since First I Saw Your Face [Ford, Thomas]
Stephano's Songs (The Tempest)
The Agincourt Song
The Carman's Whistle (Henry IV)
The Hunt Is Up (Romeo and Juliet)
The Sick Tune (Much Ado About Nothing)
The Spanish Lady
The three Ravens (Melismata)
The Willow Song (Othello)
There Dwelt A Man In Babylon (Twelfth Night)
Thou Canst Hit It (Love's Labour Lost)
Three Merry Men (Twelfth Night)
Titus Andronicus's Complaint (Fortune)
To Shallow Rivers (Merry Wives Of Windsor)
Tomorrow Is St. Valentine's Day (Hamlet)
Tune Thy Music To Thy Heart [Campion, Thomas]
We Be Soldiers three (Deutermolia)
We Be Three Poor Mariners (Deutermolia)
What If A Day [Campion, Thomas]
What Shall We have that kill'd the deer? (As You Like It)
When Daffodils Begin To Peer (The Winter's Tale)
When I Was A Little Tiny Boy (Twelfth Night)
When Samson Was A Tall Young Man (Spanish Pavan)
Where Griping Grief (Romeo and Juliet)
Who Hath His Fancy Pleas'd [Van Nassauen, Wilhelmus]
Who Liveth So Merry (Deutermolia)
Whoop, Do Me No Harm (The Winter's Tale)
Willy, Prithee Go To Bed (Deutermolia)


Songs From Shakespeare?s Plays And Popular Songs Of Shakespeare?s Time

Shakespeare, William (Artist)
Kines, Tom (Editor)
Melody Line, Lyrics & Chords (MLC)
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